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These supplements are designed to optimize performance with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Try the 40 Caliber Multivitamin, 9mm Fat Burner, 9mm+P Endurance Formula, or the new 44 Magnum Protein Powder.  The endurance formula will give you sustained energy and focus, with no jitters and no crash for up to 9 hours.  


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This item is pure genius!  The Hot Logic Mini is a portable hot plate/oven which heats up refrigerated foods, frozen foods, and can even cook up a fresh meal from scratch!  All you need is a power source.  You can even plug this into your car's cigarette lighter with an inverter, and heat up meals in your car.  It's great for travel, and makes a great gift for anyone!

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If you want the largest selection of healthy signature meals as well as the ability to customize your meal plan for your macros, you have to check out ICON Meals!  They ship nationwide too!  Menus change every Sunday, so there's no way you will ever get bored with their selections!  They also have clean treats like Protein Brownies and Protein Cookies! 

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Formerly known as Beleza Brazil Fitness, this outstanding company makes the famous Squat Pants which have become a favorite for many ladies, including me!  Squat Pants will lift and shape your glutes like no other pant!  Be sure to also check out their Attitude Tanks, their hoodies, and their other apparel.  

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MitoXcell products feature raw cacao powder and other potent antioxidants which support cell metabolism and enhance muscle growth and recovery.  I HIGHLY recommend the original MitoXcell formula to enhance your overall endurance and performance.  Try their Mito-Pro and their Plant Protein for a delicious and nutritious way to add more protein in your regimen.

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Drink your protein! Egg Whites International is pure 100% low-heat pasteurized liquid egg whites.  This product is odorless, colorless and tasteless, which means you can add it to any beverage, or even use it in place of milk on children's cereal.  Pure egg whites from Egg Whites International are 100% bioavailable and excellent for rehab patients, regular folk, fitness devotees, bodybuilders, tennis players, etc.

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This company sells Good Green Stuff superfood, and Clean Lean Protein, which features allergen-free European golden pea protein.  These tasty, alkaline-balanced products are great for people who are sensitive to dairy-based proteins.

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These gallon and half-gallon sleeves are designed not only to insulate your water containers, but also hold your keys and phone for the ultimate in convenience.  They come in cool colors and make it so much easier to ensure proper hydration throughout the day!

Designer Protein – No matter what your protein or overall dietary needs are, chances are that Designer Protein has a product which will address your needs.  They offer whey, blend, and plant-based proteins in a variety of delicious flavors.


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Gains in Bulk is a home grown company created by body building and sculpting enthusiasts.  Like many of you, we have done our research and know what nutrients we want. What we did different is instead of searching for existing companies products that have high mark ups, we sought out the highest quality supplements from the manufacture. Now, we are passing the savings and highest quality performance nutrients onto you as we work to change the way supplements are purchased and utilized in this industry. We sell in bulk to give you the largest gains at the smallest price possible.





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